Since so many have inquired about frequency of my one-on-one classes, I felt like it needed addressed. Please know and understand, your schedule is yours and I'm here to comply with what suits you! With that said, ideally, a scheduled & structured weekly class with me in person is probably the best for advancing quickly, however, everyone is different. A lot of you who work have said you don't have enough time and I get it! But we simply must make time for ourselves and our health even if it's abbreviated just as long as it's consistent! Some of you have said you can't afford weekly (and again, I get it!) so a broader schedule spaced out every other week (or the price spaced out with a buddy) or even every third week might be an answer for you if you are self-disciplined so that's your personal choice. Some might even be self-disciplined enough to benefit from a monthly class since all my classes require a schedule to adhere to in between. Anything less than a monthly class to ascertain you're showing up to your mat, learning/applying asanas we've covered and progressing, in my opinion, is just not enough. I'm always open for discussions so DM or email me anytime! Thanks for all the interest shown in my work! Thank you!!! Namaste